One World Hull

Newsflash!!! One World Hull just been given extra funding – it’s now even cheaper to get involved – see the Fees section below…

If you wish to attend an audition and haven’t had time to get in touch, just turn up! Helen would rather see everyone even if you haven’t made contact. Just come along to Kardomah94 on Saturday 9th Sep 2-5pm or Sunday 10am-1pm.

Helen is thrilled to have the support of Hull City Council with a grant from Arts Council England to stage the One World show in Hull during the Hull City Of Culture 2017 year. The production will be staged this autumn with 3 shows re-conceived for Hull, at Kardomah94 and Jubilee Church. The information below is for anyone wanting to be part of this exciting and original production.

Helen will be auditioning in early September to create the ‘Hull One World Freedom Chorus’ (HOWFC) which will perform all the music in the show. Two audition days and taster sessions will be held in Hull on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September. For singers wanting to apply it is only required to attend one audition slot. Rehearsals will commence late September. All dates for rehearsals and the shows themselves are listed below.

Helen is looking to recruit a committed and diverse choir of about 30 singers who are passionate about the themes of One World. Experience in harmony and/or choir singing will be beneficial and a desire to perform in public. There is will be some choreography in the show. Because of the tight timeframe of this project attendance at all rehearsals will be expected – not just so the music learning can progress but to help create a bonded team which will strengthen the whole performance. If you cannot avoid missing one rehearsal it should still be possible to be part of One World Hull as long as you are able to catch up. Reading music will be a great advantage but Helen won’t exclude anyone who can’t if they can show a track record of having learnt music by ear. All learning resources will be made available to the choir, both in score form and part (SATB) MP3 files for all songs. 

The rehearsals will take place at Kardomah94 theatre and Hull Unitarian Church (40 Park St, Hull HU2 8TA). 

Audition & Rehearsal schedule 2017:

Sat 9th Sep – Taster session & Audition 1 (2-5pm) at Kardomah94
Sun 10th Sep – Taster session & Audition 2 (10am-1pm) at Kardomah94
Sat 23rd Sep – Rehearsal (c.10.30am – 4.30pm) at Kardomah94
Sat 30th Sep – Rehearsal (9.45am – 3.45pm) at Hull Unitarian Church
Sat 14th Oct – Rehearsal (9.45am – 3.45pm) at Hull Unitarian Church
Sun 15th Oct – Rehearsal (1-4pm) at Kardomah94 

Sat 21st Oct – Rehearsal (9.45am – 3.45pm) at Hull Unitarian Church
Sun 22nd Oct – Rehearsal (1-4pm) at Kardomah94 
Sat 4th Nov – Rehearsal (c.10.30am – 4.30pm) at Kardomah94
Sun 5th Nov – Rehearsal (1-4pm) at Kardomah94
Sat 11th November – Dress Rehearsal (c.10.30am – 4.30pm) at Kardomah94
Sun 12th Nov – Dress Rehearsal (1-4pm) at Kardomah94
Sat 18th Nov – morning rehearsal before debut performance at Kardomah94

Sat 18th Nov, 2.30pm matinee at Kardomah94 theatre
Fri 24th Nov, 7.30pm performance at Jubilee Church
Sat 2nd Dec, 2.30pm matinee at Kardomah94 theatre

Audition information:
The auditions will be accompanied by short taster sessions beforehand. It is strongly advisable, though not essential, to attend a taster session. Some singers will have sung with Helen previously and already know some of the songs in One World.
Prior to auditions every applicant will be asked to email Helen a short MP3 recording of their voice, if possible, singing either acapella or, preferably, harmonising to a background song. This is so that Helen can be sure applicants can harmonise with ease in lieu of coming to audition, to save time. If it is not easy to do this don’t worry! Let Helen know and she will accommodate. A short biog of the applicant’s experience in harmony singing and performing is helpful. Assuming Helen feels that the applicant has the ability to be in the chorus he/she will then be asked to choose one of the audition slots.
In advance of auditions Helen will send each applicant she has accepted a short section of one of the show’s songs to learn in the part (SATB) which the applicant is applying to sing. Auditions will be conducted in small groups, including singers from each part. Helen will ‘craft’ the piece of music and bring in some choreography to give an idea of the level at which she wants the music performed. Being able to perform visually as well as vocally will be ingredients of the selection process. Each group audition will take about 25 minutes.
Helen will choose her choir after both audition sessions have taken place.

There will be opportunities for soloists and small ensemble singers in One World. If you have experience in this please let Helen know when you apply to be in the HOWFC.

Helen will also be looking for 3 or 4 Sectional Leaders. Sectional Leaders will be the point of reference for each part (SATB) regarding the music. These Sectional Leaders will have free places in the One World Choir and be expected to host one practice each in between each weekend rehearsal (see below). Please let Helen know in your communications with her before the auditions if you are interested in being a SL. And please reserve time immediately after the 2nd and final audition slot on Sunday 10th September to meet with Helen if she chooses you to be a SL – she will need to discuss with all 4 SLs what they need to do next. This meeting is expected to take place at Kardomah cafe as this venue is where the auditions are taking place. 

Weekend Rehearsals:
The songs rehearsed at the weekend rehearsals will be workshopped in an accumulating way, so that each week a new song (or two) will be crafted as well as running over previously completed songs. All songs to be rehearsed will have been communicated in advance.

Sectional Practices:  
In-between full choir rehearsals there will be practices with the Sectional Leaders, most likely in their home. The aim of the practices is to learn the song(s) for the next full choir rehearsal so that all singers arrive for that confident and ready for Helen to craft the song(s). Each member of the choir will choose to attend one of the four practices led by the Sectional Leaders (SLs) scheduled between each weekend rehearsal. Ideally a mix of singers from all parts will be at each Sectional practice.

It is expected that participants learn the music in their own time prior to attending Sectional practices so that those practice sessions are spent getting the music off-by-heart rather than learning the notes etc. There won’t be a charge for these Sectional rehearsals. There will be a web page with all the songs from the show – scores, the whole song recorded live and all part files (MP3s) to enable the chorus singers to learn the music in their own time. The SL-led practices between weekend rehearsals will be to ensure everyone has learnt the songs correctly. The weekend rehearsals with Helen will be to ‘craft’ the songs and get them performance-ready.

The Hull One World project has just been awarded extra funding and fees to be part of the Hull One World Freedom Chorus have been reduced to only £40 per participant. There will also be a number of FREE places (to replace previous bursary places). Singers will be able to apply for these places once accepted in to the choir. Helen will assess each application personally and make the decision herself. Criteria will be genuine financial hardship, not necessarily aligned with benefit claims. A non-returnable deposit will be required once accepted into the HOWFC.
Sectional Leaders will go free and be also given a per diem fee of £200 for their extra responsibility and holding extra rehearsals.

Production Assistant:
Helen will be looking to recruit a Production Assistant who will have a free place in the choir in return for work on the show. This work will include creating a programme for the shows, liasing with venues regarding lighting, sound, front-of-house etc and also being in-charge of video slide-shows during performances. If you possess these skills and have experience then you need to add this to your application to join the One World Choir.

Admin/Marketing Assistant:
Helen will be looking to recruit a Admin/Marketing Assistant who will have a free place in the choir in return for work on the show. This work will include coordinating SL-led practices between weekend rehearsals, creating awareness of the One World shows in the region and promoting the shows. If you possess these skills and have experience then you need to add this to your application to join the One World Choir.

Other artists:
In addition to music by the One World Choir there will be spoken word and percussion. The spoken word will be a mixture of poetry, readings, theatrical dialogue and rap.

So….to become part of the One World Choir:

1) Check you are available for the rehearsals! See dates & times above.
2) Email Helen at to register your interest.
3) Helen will then contact you to invite you to apply to audition with details of what you need to do.
4) If accepted be ready to attend rehearsals from 23rd September!

The first thing to do now is to email Helen to register your interest.