One World London 2018/19

Helen is thrilled to announce confirmation of One World London! The information below is for anyone wanting to be part of this exciting and original production.

Performances of One World will take place in London at selected venues and festivals in spring/summer 2019. Whilst rehearsals are taking place there will also be opportunities to perform songs from the show at suitable events in the city.

Helen will be recruiting a brand new ‘London One World Choir’ to perform all the music in the show. Two recruitment and taster sessions will be held in London in January & February 2018. It is only required to attend one session to be able to join the choir.

Rehearsals will take place monthly from March ’18 until spring 2019 when the show will be ready to perform. Helen is hoping to create a committed group, passionate about the themes in One World. The full rehearsal schedule is outlined below – please make sure you can attend as many of these rehearsals as possible. 

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Recruitment & Rehearsal schedule 2018:

Sun 21st January – Recruitment & Taster session 1 (morning taster session / afternoon join-up workshops)
Sat 10th February – Recruitment & Taster session 2 (morning taster session / afternoon join-up workshops)
Sat 10th March – Rehearsal
Sat 7th April – Rehearsal
Sat 12th May – Rehearsal
Sat 9th June – Rehearsal
Sun 8th July – Rehearsal
Sat 8th September – Rehearsal
Sat 13th October – Rehearsal
Sat 10th November – Rehearsal
Sat 1st December – Rehearsal

Rehearsals in 2019 to be confirmed.

All rehearsals and recruitment/taster sessions will take place at Church on the Corner in Angel, N1 0ET. Approximate times will be 10.30am – 4.30pm.

Helen is looking to recruit a dynamic and diverse choir of enthusiastic and dedicated harmony singers. Willingness to learn material ahead of the monthly rehearsals is essential and the ability to learn quickly will be helpful, although part files (SATB) and scores for all the music will be available on a dedicated One World ‘rehearsal page’. Reading music will be an advantage but Helen won’t exclude anyone who can’t. Helen will be unleashing the full potential of the choir and it’s singers by working on vocal technique and performance skills. There will be choreography in some songs but this won’t be complicated, mainly gestures to add a visual dimension to the performances.

Recruitment/taster session information:
These sessions are intended to be informal and Helen will teach samples of the music to give singers an idea of the style and variety of the repertoire. The join-up workshops will simply involve singing the music in small groups – the only criterion is to be able to hold a harmony. Helen will also do voice-pitching to ensure singers are singing in the right range, so the maximum warmth and expression in their voices is achieved.

Depending on the size and nature of the choir Helen may later employ sectional leaders – details will follow in due course.

Weekend Rehearsals:
The rehearsals on the Saturdays mentioned above will run from 10.30am until 4.30pm. 
The songs will be workshopped in an accumulating way, so that each week a new song (or two) will be crafted as well as previously completed songs being revised. It is expected that singers will arrive for these weekend rehearsals having listened to the music beforehand.

There will be a fee for participants to cover room hire and Helen’s expenses. This is being kept as low as possible. The fee per rehearsal will be £30 and the whole period of rehearsing will be divided into blocks of payment. There will be a number of bursary places available at a reduced fee rate (£15/rehearsal). Singers will be able to apply for these places once accepted in to the choir. Helen will assess each application personally and make the decision herself. Criteria will be genuine financial hardship, not necessarily aligned with benefit claims.

Production Assistant:
Helen will be looking to recruit a Production Assistant in due course who will have a free place in the choir in return for work on the show. This work will include creating a programme for the shows, liasing with venues regarding lighting, sound, front-of-house etc and also being in-charge of video slide-shows during performances. If you possess these skills and have experience then you need to add this to your application to join the One World Choir.

The Marketing/Admin positions have now been filled

The performances:
The One World show will be performed in London in Spring/Summer 2019. Venues and exact dates are being finalised and will be made public later this year. A combination of public theatres and other venues are being planned as well as regional festivals. In addition to full shows there will also be one-off performances of songs at ad-hoc events in the run up to the show being ready. These events will be sympathetic to the themes of One World.

Other artists:
In addition to music by the One World Choir there will be spoken word and percussion. The spoken word will be a mixture of poetry, readings, theatrical dialogue and rap.

So….to become part of the One World Choir:

1) Check you are available for the rehearsals! See dates at the top.
2) Book on to one of the Recruitment & Taster sessions (see above)
3) Assuming all goes well at the Join-up workshop Helen will invite you join the London One World Choir and attend rehearsals from March 2018.

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