One World

’One World’ was one of the most moving musical events I’ve ever experienced’
Anne Ridgely, Amnesty International


‘‘It broke my heart open ! It woke me up to my own sense of purpose and shifted a gear’ Susannah

“Helen reminds us through her beautiful music of all we hold dear… profound and powerful”   Lydia Somerville, Westminster Green Party candidate

One World was performed In Hull in November & December 2017 as part of the City of Culture celebrations. The 3 shows – at Kardomah theatre and Jubilee Church – were enthusiastically received by packed audiences. You can hear Helen and an ensemble from the Hull One World Freedom Chorus performing Line-Up! on Mary Anne Hobb’s BBC Radio 6 ‘Art Is Everywhere’ show by clicking here.

TO BE PART OF THE ONE WORLD SHOWS in LONDON in 2019 click on the links at the bottom of the page. BASSES still needed – see below for more information!

One World is an original production from Helen Yeomans, incorporating original songs and arrangements, spoken word, choreography and percussion. With artistic input from Catherine Wilcox (choreographer with Glorious Chorus) this is a beautifully crafted theatrically-inspired musical show which has left audiences on their feet. The theme for the programme centres on the idea of imminent human evolutionary change anticipated by several ancient cultures around the world. The show tracks some of the  key milestones of the last 2,000 years, including industrialization, colonialism, the war machine and the resulting threat to our natural world, inviting the audience to reflect on both the past and the future.  The production is designed to be profoundly moving, ultimately leaving the audience with a sense of hope and positivity for the future. One World features some of Helen’s most acclaimed compositions including No More War, Earth Blessing, Line-Up!, Unto This Land, Fat Cat and Stronger. The essence of the theme is that the new era we are entering is not about catastrophe, but represents a new dawn, a better day.

The music is sung a-capella by the newly created London One World Choir with additional input from the London-based New Youth Voice Collective. The spoken word creates the narrative, comprising a mixture of poetry, readings, theatrical dialogue and rap. 

The show was shown initially in the South West in 2011 and has been modified and updated to present in Hull in it’s City of Culture year in 2017 and London in 2019.

To see highlights of the show, as presented in Devon in 2011, click here

Here are clips from the One World soundtrack in the order they appear in the show:

Song title Click to play
Earth Blessing
Children Of Tomorrow
No More War
Sugar & Spice
Fat Cat
Amazing Grace
Kyrie Eleison
Break Em Down
Unto This Land
Line Up!

Would you like to be part of the London One World shows?

Helen has almost completed recruiting for her London One World choir. There are still a small number of places available however – especially for basses and male tenors. Rehearsals proper commence on 8th September ’18. She is looking for experienced, confident harmony singers who feel passionately about the themes in One World. This is a great opportunity for singers to be part of an original contemporary production, enhance their existing musical skills and be part of a vibrant dynamic team.

If you are a singer and would like to be involved in the One World London 2019 shows click here.