One World

“Helen Yeomans reminds us, through her beautiful music and lyrics, all that we hold dear…. profound and powerful.”   Lydia Somerville, Green Party                                                                                                                                                  

After the success of the One World shows in Hull for it’s 2017 City of Culture year, Helen brought One World to London this April & May. The show is a carefully-crafted tapestry of song and spoken word, illuminating the crossroads at which we stand today. The narrative moves through themes including wealth and resources, our relationship with the natural world, the human and economic cost of warfare and our potential for positive change.

In London the music was sung by the London One World Choir and singers from the New YVC choir; spoken word was by Vanessa Kisuule, Luke Miller & Cheryl Moskowitz who wrote new pieces specially for the show. Featuring some of Helen’s best-loved songs including Stronger, Earth Blessing, Unto This Land and Fat Cat, One World is a powerful and moving production.

Video footage from the One World show at Conway Hall, London, 11th May 2019

Helen’s Introduction

Luke Miller reads ‘How Much?’ from the London One World show.

‘Fat Cat’ from the London One World show.

’Sugar & Spice’ from the London One World show.

Cheryl Moskowitz reads ‘Why Should We Care?’ from the London One World show. For all information about Cheryl, visit

Vanessa Kisuule reads ‘Walk A Mile’ from the London One World show. For all information about Vanessa, visit

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“To be involved in bringing Helen’s extraordinary compositions to life has been an absolute privilege. I have seen and heard how emotionally affecting Helen’s arrangements are on singers and audience members alike. Every note passes first through her heart and soul before entering yours. The songs are emotionally charged without being sentimental and carry the potency to move the spirit in a profound and lasting way. Singing alongside other choir members united in our commitment to themes of climate change and social justice added an even more enjoyable and fulfilling dimension.  The whole experience was a life-affirming, inspiring and joyful treat for the mind, body and spirit.”    Isobel Trenouth, London One World Choir.

“One of the most moving musical events I have ever experienced” Anne Ridgely, Amnesty International

“A stand-out event in a stand-out year for City of Culture!”             Phil White, BBC Radio Humberside

One World centres on the idea of imminent human evolutionary change anticipated by several ancient cultures around the world. The show tracks some of the key milestones of the last 2,000 years, including industrialization, colonialism, the war machine and the resulting threat to our natural world, inviting the audience to reflect on both the past and the future. One World is a powerful, moving production, ultimately leaving the audience with a sense of hope and positivity for the future.

One World London – the artists

The London One World Choir

The London One World Choir is a collection of singers from all over London who have come together to perform the music for the show. A diverse, mixed choir of all ages, the singers have been meeting for over a year, rehearsing with Helen in Islington.



New YVC is one of London’s most dynamic, open-access youth choirs made up of local singers aged 10-18 and led by musical director Jane Wheeler and choral leader Naveen Arles. Singers from New YVC joined the London One World Choir in some of the songs. Click here for more info.


Spoken word artistry for One World London ’19

Credit: Ailsa Fineron

Vanessa Kisuule, published poet, performer and general ‘empress of blag’, Vanessa is the winner of over 10 poetry slams and has had her work featured everywhere from BBC Radio 1 to the Huffington Post. Visit her website at Watch Vanessa in performance here (click to play)

Luke Miller

Luke Miller, London beat poet with fresh new perspectives, brimming with energy.

Cheryl Moskowitz

Cheryl Moskowitz is a poet, performer and educator, passionate about using writing to forge bonds between communities. She lives in London with her musician husband and has three grown up children. Visit her website at Listen to Cheryl’s poem for Grenfell here (click to play)

To see highlights of the first shows in Devon in 2011, click here

Here are clips from the One World soundtrack in the order they appear in the show:

Song title Click to play
Earth Blessing
Children Of Tomorrow
No More War
Sugar & Spice
Fat Cat
Amazing Grace
Kyrie Eleison
Break Em Down
Unto This Land
Line Up!