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You can preview Helen’s songs here. Then click the relevant Buy button to add a song’s mp3 & score to your shopping basket. All Helen’s scores are now be available to purchase for £10 each (exc a few ‘shorties’ at £6). There is no longer a need to buy licence to teach the songs – by buying the score you have authorisation to teach it to unlimited numbers of singers. Helen’s score of Saved has been priced separately at £30.

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Song Brief Description Difficulty
E – Easy
M – Moderate
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(£6 – £10)
Ain’t No Man Blues ensemble, animated, tongue-in-cheek. E
All Come Together To Sing Joyful easy song, a camp favourite. E
Angel Love-song from parent to child. E
Angel Gabriel Catchy, upbeat, jazzy Christmas show-stopper. E
Auld Lang Syne Stirring arrangement of this classic New Year’s celebration song, complete with poetry and mashup with Helen’s ‘We Got All The Love’! Just sing the Auld Lang Syne section if required. E
Ave Maria Sacred chant to the divine Mother Mary. E
Ave Maria Virginae R’nB/gospel Christmas rocker, impro opportunities. E
Awaken Sing For Water 2009. Sun Cycle Spring. Uplifting! E
Break ‘Em Down Warm-up or audience partic’n song, gospel, v jolly. E
Caravan of Love Big hit for the Housemartins and The Isley Brothers, fun and popular with choir & audience alike. E
Ceremony Boogie NVPN ‘most uplifting warm-up song’ winner! E
Chanson Anthemic rousing classic celebrating singing. M
Children Of Tomorrow Catchy wake-up about our environment. M
Crowned Love Passionate love song. E
Dream Our Dream Lovely woven ‘shortie’, uplifting and a bit gospel-y in style. M
Earth Blessing Uplifting celebration of our inter-connectedness. M
Everybody Get On Board Funky, enjoyable warm-up song. E
Every Voice Shall Sing Uplifting shortie for warm-ups, audience participation. E
Fairytale of New York Rousing Christmas hit for The Pogues & Kirsty McCall, all the feistiness is written into this arrangement. Not difficult but helps to know the original for the structure and amount of lyrics! M
Faith In You Christmas catchy song, pop style. E
Family Beautiful new song calling on us to celebrate what unites us rather than what divides. A song for post-Brexit difficulty. E/M
Fat Cat Satirical send-up of the financial system, theatrical. M
Field Of Song Bluesy, spiritual/gospel fusion. E
Fiesta Latin-style song written in Spanish, passionate. M
Gaia Tribal gathering song celebrating our link with the land. E
Glorious Chorus/Hosanna Anthem in 2 sections, modern spirituality element. M
Goddess Unisong award winning folk song for female trio. M
Heaven Can Wait Modern, funky R&B love song – either solo-led or duet with backing. M
Hmm Yeah, Hallelulia Bluesy, light with impro opportunity. E
Hush Baby Don’t Cry Bluesy lullaby/love song, easy & short. E
Indigo Child Beautiful original song, Helen’s hit of 2017, celebrating the next generation. M
It’s Gotta Be Right Mens ensemble jazz song, love theme, breezy. M
Kingdom Of Love Soul classic, solo-led, big chorus. E
Kyrie Eleison Sacred chant. E
Lay A Little Love Bluesy female ensemble, impro opprtunities. E
Let Freedom Ring Easy, upbeat shortie, peace & unity theme. E
Line-Up! Rousing peace song with sung rap verses. M
Live In Peace Mystical chant for peace. Domine dapachem domine. E
Love Lies Sleeping Dreamy love song, yearning. E
Make Room For Love Gospel-style rousing song, passionate, solos. E
Mama Says Jazzy solo-led showstopper, upbeat, impro opportunities. M
Manna From The Mother Uplifting celebration of our connection to the earth. E
Mojo Brighton Fringe Festival competition winner – tongue-in-cheek shortie. E
Motherland Community choir fave, connecting us with the land. E
No More War Female trio peace song, moving to sing & hear. M
Ola Mama Uplifting song about family. E
One Love Unity song, catchy. E
Praise Your Love Gospel-style love song with impro opportunities. E
Return Heartful song honouring the beauty of autumn. M
Saved Helen’s award-winning song! Soul/gospel solo-led catchy rouser, jazzy chorus. M
Shine A Light Gospel/spiritual catchy song, impro opportunities. M
Slow Train To Heaven Spiritual-style ensemble song, impro opportunities. M
Soldier Martyr Solo-led spiritual style anti-war song, moving to sing & hear. M
Stronger Big choir anthem, modern spirituality, peace & unity. M
Stronger Chorus Beautiful ‘shortie’ taken from Helen’s bigger anthem, Stronger. Emotive calling for the power of love to triumph. E
Sugar & Spice Song about slavery, past & present. M
Sun Arise Winter song in the Sun Cycle. Atmospheric & stilling. E
Sun Chant Summer song in the Sun Cycle of songs. Uplifting chant. E
Sunshine, Fire & Rain Heartful fave of Helens. Celebrating the light & shade of love. E
Tender Heart Achingly tender ode to love, loss and hope. A favourite. E
Try/Stay with Me mashup Fun mashup of 2 recent soul/gospel hits by Macy Gray & Sam Smith. A clever weaving together of these songs, impossible to stand still to! M
Tumblin’ Bluesy song about the yearning for peace. Impro. E
Unto This Land Beautiful earth blessing, a hymn of our ‘marriage’ to the earth, inspired by Hafiz. E
Wait For Me Relaxed gospel-style song about love/faith. Solo opport’y. E
We Got All The Love Community choir anthem. Peace, love, everything! E
Weave A Prayer Relaxed vibe, love theme. E
When You Fall Poignant song about love & rescuing. E
Wishing Well 2015 heartfelt song for peace, lovely woven tapestry of a chorus. E


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